Friday, March 29, 2013

My review on Barefoot Merlot

Barefoot Merlot $9.95 CDN at the LCBO
Medium to Full body.
Blackberry,raspberry and chocolate (as on the label)

I love Merlot, I really enjoy medium to full body wines.

This wine is a really really good price for a really really great tasting merlot. It won that gold metal for a reason.

This is a wine that I will always have stocked. It's great to have when family or friends come over or for a quiet evening in. Or if you are on a budget and want to bring a good wine over to a dinner party, choose this one. A great tasting Merlot for a great price.

This merlot is smooooth! Goes down easy... Great alone or with any meal really in my opinion. It's fruity but won't overbear any of the foods you are having with it. I personally enjoy this wine alone.

It's easy to drink so think twice when opening that second bottle ha!

Remember to always drink responsibly ;)!

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